Our Mission and Vision
Bringing out the Best from the Best Foods in Malaysia.

Brand History

Oyster Sauce is one of the main cooking ingredients in Asian cuisine, with its unique aroma and taste that make it a favorite choice of chefs and families around the world to add to their recipes for great tasting dishes. Malaysian cuisine is well known for having some of the best foods in the World, a result of various cuisines that has been deeply influenced by various cultures and improved over centuries. As a result, Malaysians are spoilt by great food while becoming very discerning about their food, and would go to great lengths to savor the best.

The traditional Malaysian oyster sauce brand of Lee Shun Hing features normal Oyster Sauce and Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, is carefully and uniquely prepared using traditional ingredients to bring out the best from the best foods of Malaysia. Not only does Lee Shun Hing range of oyster sauce greatly compliments Malaysian dishes, its low salt and low sugar makes it the preferred choice of healthy oyster sauce consumers of Malaysians.

Lee Shun Hing Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is the market leader for vegetarian oyster sauce in Malaysia, which is prepared with high content of vegetable essence especially mushrooms, carrots and celery to give its unique aroma and taste that make it the preferred choice of Malaysian consumers. All vegetarians and vegetarians can now choose and enjoy a healthier oyster sauce.

Health is happiness. Lee Shun Hing oyster sauces provide simple, delicious and healthy solution for health conscious consumers, so that everyone can enjoy more of their favorite dishes while maintaining healthy eating habits. For home chefs, the use of low-salt and low-sugar oyster sauce is a more healthy option for families.

(Lee Shun Hing Oyster Sauces has been certified by the Health Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Health of Singapore as a Healthier Choice for oyster sauce. This certification has strict requirements on the product’s ingredient which must meet the requirement of less than 3 grams of salt per 100 grams.)